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Why would you choose Kangourou as your new packaging partner?


Download our brochure for packaging:

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>>English and French speakers in Australia, New Caledonia and China:

We are specialized in manufacturing packaging for prestigious chocolate makers in Switzerland, in France and in Belgium.

Our team will follow your company in developing your packaging, producing and shipping until their final destination.


>>Decrease your purchasing costs:

With Kangourou, get the best prices from China. Dicrease your packaging cost while keeping the best quality.


>>French concepts and designs:

We have our own French designers specialized in designing packaging and displays. We help your company creating new

packaging or remaking the one you already got.

We are also able to develop your marketing/design policy.


>>Quality control and inspection on site:

Quality is our main concern, we rigorously respect your colors and look for the right materials you need.

We have also setup a strict quality control process on the production site.


>>We take care of the logistic:

We are handling administrative and customs documents from the production site to your warehouse.

Our sea freight and air freight partners will provide negotiated transportation costs.

Feel free to contact us, we will provide you our best quotations.






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