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Sourcing of products:

From: Australia, France, China, Thailand, New Caledonia.

Kangourou Pty Ltd, your representative in Australia, China, Thailand, France, New Caledonia.

Our service of Sourcing is the most efficient way for your company to access to the Australian or Chinese market for low cost. Kangourou acts as correspondent and observer for you.

Searching suppliers and products according to your needs.

According to your needs and requirements we commit to select suppliers and their services. Then we establish a list of products which are able to reach your expectations.

A clear communication: speed and reactivity

Our team of sourssors and engineers ensure the link with your suppliers to verify the quality of the products and to respect the time limit and your expectations.

Take advantage of our experience and our network.

The thorough knowledge of the Australian and Chinese market and our experience with suppliers allows ourselves to solve problems efficiently and quickly, and to limit the risks of loss of control and dissatisfaction.

Protect the interests of our customers respecting others culture

Kangourou's integration into Australia, China or France is its great advantage. Indeed, with international partners, overseas companies will be aware of local habits and customs, and the traditional Western or Asian way of doing business.

We verify that the realized products are as you request by sending you pictures, detailed diagram, samples or realizing some prototypes.

We will also give you advice on how to improve the visibility of your business.



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